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About Us


Our Vision

We dream big & dare others to dream big too

The Center Seville is a response to the growing challenges and complexities of the 21st century.

Our goal is to build a world-class, tuition-free, learning center that unites student leaders from around the world and provides them with the tools, perspectives, and networks required to ensure our future remains healthy, peaceful, and full of opportunity. Crucially, our lack of financial barriers will allow our program to remain merit based and globally representative. This will enable TCS to realize a distinguished community of students from dozens of countries who are bound by a desire and ability to address our growing social and environmental concerns.

Our accredited eight month curriculum is designed to best engage young active learners and combines broad and rigorous college level academics with self-directed learning, community engagement, and cultural immersion. Furthermore, our integrated farm, studios, and pursuit of healthy lifestyles will introduce students to disciplines that will both enrich their lives and ensure they become invaluable assets to their future colleges, communities, and countries.

However, our greatest asset will be our international community of students and staff who will stimulate a unique learning environment predicated on peer-to-peer engagement and cross-cultural understanding. Ultimately, it will be the collaboration and relationships between these exceptional individuals that will motivate, enable, and sustain them in realizing their fullest potential and in pioneering meaningful change, both within their own nations and beyond.   

In financing this project through the goodwill of donors we aim to set an example of generosity, which we trust our students will reciprocate—and multiply. In this way our donors will not only help build a global learning center but their contributions will represent a formidable investment in our collective future.

To realize this program we require your assistance. Financially our request is modest; however, your support is essential.

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The Setting

We offer a unique & dynamic learning environment

To best accommodate international enrollment our core curriculum will be taught in English; however, to broaden language proficiency we decided to base The Center in a non-English speaking country. We assessed regions based on their cultural, linguistic, and historical influences as well as their climate and ultimately decided to locate our program near Seville, Spain.

The Center has been developed to best engage the learning facilities of gap year students. At this age we are creative, enthusiastic, and unencumbered; our potential for learning appears limitless and is best stimulated through broad immersive experiences. Our unique setting adapts to these dynamic needs by extending beyond our classrooms and integrates studios, workshops, a learning kitchen, a cinema, and our farm. Offsite, students learn through cultural immersion, community engagement, guest speakers, conferences, and travel. In conjunction with a supportive faculty and motivational peers this environment will  provide experiences that will both enrich student lives and challenge them to enrich the lives of others.

Students will reside on site in large ten person homes equipped with private bedrooms and large common spaces. We also envision some staff and their families living on site in personal residences. Integral to The Center is its farm, which will supply the kitchen, subsidize operational costs, provide opportunities for community engagement, and offer physical and intellectual nourishment. Both students and staff will commit 4 hrs/wk towards maintaining the farm & Center through planting, harvesting landscaping, cooking, cleaning, and governance.

As advocates for sustainable development we are committed to investing in ecologically responsible buildings, organic farming practices, clean energy, and conscientious waste disposal.


Are you a Catalyst For Change?

To realize this dream we need your help.

The Center’s journey begins with 1,000 Founders.

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The Curriculum

Our immersive & innovative curriculum is specifically designed to best engage active learners 

We value broad interdisciplinary learning that integrates components from both the arts & sciences. Particular emphasis is given to history, philosophy, literature, personal finance, Spanish, the sciences, cultural studies, wellness, and sociology.

We promote self-directed learning through independent study projects, personal learning programs, travel, community engagement, and our onsite studios. 

Classroom learning follows the Socratic method, which expects students to familiarize themselves with content beforehand, ensuring class time is spent developing ideas. 

Problem-based learning is utilized to stimulate inquiry, group collaboration, and communication.

Our accredited courses include Spanish, personal finance, and health & wellness (biology), which examines nutrition, fitness, social dynamics, and mental health.

Beyond our classrooms The Center provides an exceptionally rich learning environment. We will offer studios (fine & applied arts, fitness, mindfulness), workshops (tech, gardening, animal husbandry), a farm, a learning kitchen, a library, and a documentary focused cinema. Every month The Center will feature a guest speaker and our students will host an educational workshop for the local community. Additionally, we aim to develop a weekly cultural/language exchange with a nearby high school. Off-site, Europe is our classroom and students have opportunities for community engagement, to attend conferencesseminars and are encouraged to learn through travel.

Our scheduling is dynamic and is built around cultural events, community engagement, travel, workshops, and guest speakers. Likewise, students develop their Personal Learning Programs according to their interests, which allows them to follow their talents and discover their passions.

Integral to our curriculum is immersive travel within Europe. Weekends and holidays provide opportunities for travel within Spain & Portugal, while our mid-semester and end of term breaks allow students to explore more distant regions of Europe. The Center will offer at-cost Group Cultural Tours throughout the year and will also assist students in planning personal travel. 



The Principles

Our pedagogical principles for personal learning

  • Self-directed: Students direct their learning by pursuing their personal interests. Teachers are less hierarchical 'givers of information' and are more 'guides' who help facilitate the students’ own journey.
  • Experiential: Learning through doing is active and allows the student to make significant and personal connections.
  • Interdisciplinary: Removes the traditional insular boundaries of subjects and uses ‘systems thinking’ to see the inter-relatedness between subjects.
  • Democratic: Both the students and teachers are active participants. Together they define and create their environment through active governance, planning, voting, and councils. Engagement with such a system empowers active citizenship.
  • Diverse: Exposure to a wide variety of subjects, ideas, and activities.
  • Holistic: Recognizes and integrates our creative and emotional aspects of learning.


Are you a Catalyst For Change?

To realize this dream we need your help.

The Center’s journey begins with 1,000 Founders.

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